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Date: June 3rd 2015


Dear Readers,

I wrote to you last week that we were back home in Tennessee. I have had opportunities to practice plumbing and handy man activities as well as resting up, which usually takes about a week after the big trip home.

We spent time in Portugal, in Garabandal, and in Italy, especially the International Congress.  Before leaving Garabandal for the Congress we were honored to have a group of 20 from Venezuela visit our Retreat House in Garabandal and to make some presentations for them on the Divine Will in the conference area of the House.

One of the most notable things at the Congress was the happiness and joy of the hierarchy, including 3 bishops and a cardinal, and the priests in the archdiocese of Trani who are very active in promoting the Divine Will.

Another very notable thing was to learn that the Vatican is pressuring the Archdiocese of Trani to complete the Critical Edition of the Writings of Luisa in the Book of Heaven. Doing so requires at team of language experts who study the words that Luisa wrote and investigate what those words meant to the writer at the time and location in they were written.

The largest group of attendees was from South Korea, and the second largest seems to have been from the Philippines.

There was a meeting one night for the priests and group leaders about the writings, which conveyed more openness to the sharing of the writings, even at this time. Of course, none of the 36 Volumes of the Book of Heaven are to be published or downloaded from the Internet, but there seems to be a openness to the printing of the Passion and the Virgin Mary books, which we are verifying at this time.  Those who have any properly and legitimately received writings of Luisa are allowed to make photocopies for new members of their prayer groups or other members who may not have them, so all members of a prayer group can read and discuss the writings.

In another matter, there was a lot of confusion back in February and prior about re-subscribing to the Messages of Gold as requested by the mass mailing organization I have been using over the past year and a half. This confusion and the difficulties that some had in resubscribing, had left out a number of readers from the new list.  I am taking steps to repair this situation, but it will take some time to get things back to normal. 

May the eternal blessings and beatitudes of the Divine Will overflow in all our souls!

Please see the attachment from Volume 20 about how a little "I love You" can become a sea of Love.

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